Industrial hygiene and environmental control

Environmental control at Norzink

The industrial hygiene and environmental consultants at ASA can offer:

  • inside environment measurements
  • work climate mapping
  • composition of internal control system/substance register
  • fieldwork

Inside environment measurements

  • continuous measurement of temperature, relative humidity and carbondioxide
  • mapping of air circulation and draft
  • written reports with evaluation of the conditions and suggestions for improvement

Work climate mapping

  • measurement of the gases that are present in a work environment
  • measurement of light
  • measurement of noise
  • measurement of dust (total dust and/or chemical content)

Internal control/substance register

  • introduction of internal control
  • management of inflammable and noxious substances
  • protection and first aid equipment
  • marking of chemical substances/compilation of labels
  • composition/updating of substance register

Reference projects

  • mapping of indoor environment in public and private buildings
  • mapping of radon occurrences in public and private buildings
  • composition of internal control systems and substance registers
  • measurement of lighting and noise at work places
  • dust measurement at work places
  • employment mapping in public and private companies
  • mapping of pollutants in sand/soil in kindergartens

More info:

If you would like more information about industrial hygiene, you can contact Frode Høyland .