Sampling at Norzink

ASA contributes with sampling of:

freshwater, drinking water, seawater, industrial water, waste water
sludge, soil, concentrates, residues, trash, etc.
emission sampling (dust, metals, gases)
larger fjord expeditions

International inspection and control

This is ASA International’s main area of expertise and by having contacts all over the world, shipments can be followed from disembarkation to arrival at dock.

ASA contributes with the following in this area:

  • control of raw materials for the process industry
  • PSI (pre shipping inspection)
  • control of fish flour and oil


  • fieldwork in connection with sampling programs
  • pollution to air
  • seawater tests

Reference projects

  • inspection and control of raw materials for the process industry at several companies in South-Norway.
  • inspection and control of salvage
  • draft survey
  • pre shipping control of outgoing merchandise

More info:

If you would like more information about sampling, inspection and control, you can contact Frode Høyland