Consulting services

Sampling of polluted soil.

ASA has the last years increased the activity with consulting services. Chemical consulting services is connected with that ASA has experience and competence within biology/chemistry/environment such that we can evaluate and analyze the results. We can, based on this, contribute with advice and guidance and suggestions for projects. ASA has for several years cooperated with the Interconsultgroup in connection with surveillance of waste deposits.

Types of consulting services

ASA offers consulting services related to:

  • environment and environmental surveillance
  • pollution
  • waste reduction
  • environmental pollutants
  • water quality
  • fish farming

Refererence projects

Statements related to:

  • waste management
  • polluted ground
  • composting of sludge and municipal waste material
  • recycling of slag from metallurgical industry
  • evaluation of groundwater pollution

More info:

If you would like more information about our consulting services, you can contact Joar Karsten Øygard .