Accredited metal analysis will be performed by use of ICP-MS

The lab has modern instruments and can perform analysis on waste water (industrial and municipal), drinking water, and sludge. The laboratory mainly deals with samples for environmental monitoring, but can also handle a variety of analysis related to montoring of drinking water. Analyses that are not done by our laboratory will be subcontracted to accredited laboratories that we cooperate with. Hardanger Miljøsenter AS can also assist with making monitoring programs, and will supply all needed sampling equipment (bottles or jars). The analysis of industrial waste water are often don in order to monitor the waste water according to release permits, and only accredited methods performed according to national or international standards are used.


Through a long process that includes testing of the topical methods, Hardanger Miljøsenter AS, has been accredited by the Norwegian Accreditation Authority (TEST 052). Accreditation applies to selected methods of analysis. The requirements for accreditation is according to ISO 17025.


Analysis of bacteria in drinkingwater.

The laboratory staff has high competence within chemistry/biology:
• 1 PhD
• 4 laboratory engineers
• 1 Laboratory technician


The laboratory competence and instrumentation includes the following:

Inorganic (metals, nitrogen, TOC, chloride, sulphate, pH, total suspended solids etc.)
• Organic pollutant (hydrocarbon, PAH, PCB, etc.)
• Microbiology
In the following samples:
• Water (drinking, surface, ground, waste, and leachate)
• Oil seperator wastewater
• Seawater
• Sludge, compost, soil
• Solids
• Dust
We can also perform leaching tests to characterize waste materials.

More info:

If you would like more information about our lab services, you can contact our Laboratory Manager Joar Karsten Øygard