The environmental laboratory in Hordaland

The lab has modern instruments and uses advanced technology to reach low values for environmental analysis. Organic and non-organic parameters are reported in ppm and ppb levels. ASA mostly carries out environmentally related analysis, but also handles several other current analysis.

Accredited laboratory services

Lab. engineer Åshild Oma analysing nitrogen in water

Through a long process that includes testing of the topical methods, Hardanger Miljøsenter AS (ASA), has been accredited by the Norwegian Accreditation Authority (TEST 052). Accreditation applies to selected methods of analysis. The requirements for credit is according to ISO/IEC 17025 and also fulfils ISO-9000 series (1994).

Academic level

ASA staff has a very high competence within chemistry/biology:

  • 1 PhD
  • 8 Engineers
  • 1 Lab. Tech.

Types of analysis

ASA has the competence for very many analysis including:

  • water parameters
  • organic pollutants (PAH,PCB etc.)
  • heavy metals
  • anions (chloride, fluoride etc.)
  • bacteria in water

In the following materials:

  • water (drinking, ground, subsoil)
  • seawater
  • mussel tissue
  • food products
  • sludge, compost, soils
  • products
  • dust

Reference projects

ASA’s lab has projects in the following categories:

  • heavy industry
  • waste dumps
  • sewage treatment
  • drinking water
  • research and development

More info:

If you would like more information about our lab services, you can contact our Laboratory Manager Joar Karsten Øygard.